#203 Overgaauw Touriga Nacional 2020

00:00 – A bit about Overgaauw Estate, and the spirit of a pioneer. 02:14 – A bit about Touriga Nacional
03:49 – What does Touriga Nacional taste like?
04:45 – Overgaauw Touriga Nacional 2020 technical specs

Another piece of South African Wine History.

Overgaauw have pioneered a number of things in South African wine; and today we celebrate the fact that they were the first ones to bring this cultivar into South Africa. It may seem obvious now, as Touriga Nacional is becoming trendier in these crazy climate change times…but it certainly wasn’t obvious to everyone back in the 1990s when the Van Velden family made the call to fill parts of their family farm with a grape that wine consumers in South Africa had hardly even heard of. Kudos for the vision.
But vision aside. What does it actually taste like?


👃🏼 – The vanguard carries delightfully pungent blueberries, black plum, oaky vanilla, black currant fruit pastilles and violet floral elements.

👄 – The Palate is suitably concentrated, and grippy; delivering boatloads of colour, as a good Touriga should. The fruit component is incredibly persistent, with the opulent black fruit elements pushing into a lengthy tail. Tannins are firm, but definitely finish second to the concentration of fruit. There is a bitter liquorice root element on the tail that keeps things interesting.

Technical Specs

🔬 Wine of Origin Stellenbosch. 100% Touriga Nacional.  Farmed at 5 tonnes per hectare yield. Matured for 14 months in 4000l french oak casks.
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