#272 Spioenkop MaNthathisi 2018


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Never despise small beginnings

Queen MmaNthatisi was a warrior from the BaSia tribe, who became ruler of the Batlokwa Tribe. Her military exploits as the leader of her tribe saw her go down in history as one of the most powerful female military leaders of the 19th century.
And what does she have to do with wine? Well, nothing, aside from the fact that she is one of handful of powerful female historical figures who have inspired winemaker Koen Roose – the owner, viticulturist and winemaker for Spioenkop wines in Elgin.
The Queen MnaNthatisi white blend is a bit of playground for Koen, who shifts up the components a fair bit from year to year. This 2018 vintage is dominated by Sauvignon Blanc, not that you’d ever guess that when drinking it.
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👃🏼 – The nose is more prominent than the skeg on an elephant seal. Notes of leesy, creamy lemon curd, apricot, waxy honeycomb, smoky flint, and citrus rind.
👄 – The palate is tightly packed with intense lime cordial and fresh oranges, as well a touch of sweeter stone fruit. There are some lovely bitter almond elements on the finish, kept company by the ever-intense lime marmalade notes that lingers quite remarkably.


🔬 – Wine of Origin Elgin. 70% Sauvignon Blanc, 23% Riesling and 7% Chenin Blanc. The Riesling and Chenin blanc is barrel-matured for 9 months.
RS: 3.3 g/L | TA: 7.0 g/L | PH: 3.11
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