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What the blazes is a kottabos?

Winemaker Reenen Borman is probably most famous for being one of less than 10 winemakers in South Africa to make a wine than has garnered a perfect 100pts from an international wine critic. He stands alone, however, as the winemaker to earn NINETY-NINE points more than any other South African vigneron in history. #megalolz
But while Borman’s career points average is of great importance, a more pressing question surely has to be, “what the blazes is a Kottabos?”
Anyone familiar with South Africa’s myriad national languages may well have cleverly deduced that “bos” means “bush in Afrikaans, and “Kota” is Zulu vernacular (borrowed from the english word quarter”) for “a quarter loaf of bread”. This may have lead a more impulsive detective to arrive at the conclusion that the wine brand is named after the South African indigineous fynbos species nicknamed “quarter loaf bush”. But that’s not a thing. 
What IS a thing is an ancient greek drinking game called kottabos, where participants are required to fling wine sediment from their own cup into another vessel in the centre of a room. Apparently, it could get quite competitive, and some rather heated rivalries could occasionally ruin an otherwise fairly civil orgy. 
If you have yet to sign up for your Monthly HanDrinksSolo Wine Subscription then you’ll have to hunt this wine down in your own time. But until then, here are my tasting notes and some technical specs:


👃🏼 ripe candied aromas of blackcurrant pastille, and sugar plum, but with a green herbal tinge of fresh fennel and some stalky greenness,
👄 The palate is supremely youthful. Fresh plum  and blackberry fruit is very much front and centre, but those green stems add a herbal sort of rocket leaf pepper-like spice.
The wine is still very youthful, and perhaps needs time to knock off a few rough edges.


🔬Wine of Origin Stellenbosch. 100% Pinotage. Fruit is harvested from the elevated vineyards of Karibib and Skilpadsvlei, in the Polkadraai Ward. Winemaker Reenen Borman maintains fermentation temperatures of 24 degrees celsius and uses only native yeasts.
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