#342 Forget About Sparta White Blend 2022



🔬 Wine of Origin Western Cape. A wild blend of 25% Roussanne, 21% Verdelho, 19% Chenin Blanc, 19% Grenache Blanc, along with splashes of Viognier, Viura, Riesling, and Marsanne.

All parcels were barrel fermented; all old oak; a mix of 225L, 300L, 400L & 500L barrels. The wine was matured in Stainless Steel for 24 months. 



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Why Sparta?

The Spartan warrior has long lived large in the mind of any Western mind as the benchmark for bravery, determination, and discpline. Even today, many South Africans would sooner reference a Spartan ethos than, say, the mindset of a Zulu warrior…even though the might of the Zulu nation once lay in the very same qualities that made ther Spartan’s famous. We seem to be perpetually reaching for inspiration from The Continent, rather than our homegrown ideas.

This tendency couldn’t be more obvious than it is in our South African wine industry, with its “Bordeaux blends”, “Rhone blends” and “Port-style” wines. Of course, we understand the expediency of these old World reference points, but we also crave something to call our own.

The idea behind this white blend was to be able to combine flavours and textures that are not synonymous with any other tregion, but instead could form a unique combination of cultivars that woulds hardly be possible in any other region in the world.
With our ensemble performance of French Roussanne, Portugese Verdelho and Spanish Garnacha Blanca, we think we’ve managed to create something quite special. So, enjoy this wine for what it is, and “forget about Sparta”.

Now, if you have yet to sign up for your Monthly HanDrinksSolo Wine Subscription then you sip along to see how those vineyard choices manifested in the glass. But I have left my tasting notes and some technical specs to keep you going:


👃🏼 The nose is remarkably fresh, preserved mostly by lovely tart citrus zest elements, alongside sweeter peach, apricot and a bit of dried herbs. As it warms in the glass, there is a touch of tropical pineapple, as well.
👄 The palate is a lovely mix of sweet peaches, tart orange citrus, and salted lemon rind. The palate weight is not enormously heavy, but the texture is really quite pronounced – giving a lovely dry pithy tail end. There is a bitter white Grapefruit finish, which is no doubt provided by the healthy Chenin Blanc component.
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