Bloemendal Suider Terras Wooded Sauvignon Blanc 2014


Price: R250 (as of Nov 2016)
Winery: Bloemendal Estate
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc (wooded)
Wine Region: Durbanville
Country: South Africa


Quality: 16/20
Value: 2/5
Ponce Factor: Higher than a roadie at a UB40 gig.
Occasion: A summer gathering of the Ponce Club. On the terrace, of course.

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More complex than the American electoral system.
Vanguard aromas carry fresh grass and green pepper up front, followed by slow-attack asparagus, and an intriguing somewhat darker, nigh-on clovesy spice note at the back. Lovely evolution. Definitely not easy drinking, but marvelous intellectual value. 
Oaked for 8 months. 50% new oak barrels.

For when you absolutely have to be cool

Wine trends are like leeches. They can suck the life out of an untainted enthusiastic young wine mind, but they can also revive a debilitated wine industry that is feeling the mounting pressure to innovate. Wooded Sauvignon Blancs have, through history, played the role of the latter, more than the former. But, like the Beatles, just because they have been inspirational, that doesn’t mean that you have to like them.
Here is a little piece that mat help you to make a more informed decision.


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