Duprevaux Pinotage 2013


Price: R80.00 (as of Feb 2017)
Winery: Imbuko Wines
Varietal: Pinotage
Wine Region: Wellington
Country: South Africa


Quality: 15/20
Value: 3/5
Ponce Factor: Low
Occasion: A mid-week nightcap you replace dessert

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Like the film “Life is Beautiful”; at one level light-hearted & trivial, but on another level, an expression of something a bit more profound.
TN: vanguard carries rather sweet bouquet of vanilla essence, butter&sugar style cookie dough, with sweet milk chocolate complications.
The palate offers ripe blackberries & lovely kirsch acidity, presenting as slightly more serious and complex than one might have initially predicted from the bouquet.
Supple tannins on the tail, kept company by impressively long-lived blackfruit stragglers.

Who is Du Plevaux?

Like Kaizer Sozé’s Verbal Kint alter-ego that he uses to throw the pigs off his crimelord scent, Du Plevaux doesn’t really exist. The truth of the matter is that Du Plevaux, a label that sounds very je-ne-sais-pas, is actually IMBUKO wines. A marginally less debonair moniker.
But worry not, even if the name sounds more like a bulk-buy sorghum producer, their higher tiered wine labels produce some decent value propositions.
While their wines are really tricky to find pretty much anywhere other than at IMBUKO itself (tucked away out in Wellington) you can order a few bargain buys from their website.

Or if you have a penchant for pastry, why not make the drive and try their wine and pie pairings.


About the Author

Jono Le Feuvre is not a bean counter. He is a bean roaster. Bean roasters carry far more street cred & get to speak at bizarre niche gatherings of enquiring-but-unhinged-minds. They also usually have addictive tendencies. When he is not roasting beans he is pulling corks. Or deftly removing screwcap enclosures. But you can read more about him here.