Finalyson Family Wines Edgebaston Pinot Noir 2013


Price: R135 (as of Jan 2017)
Winery: Edgebaston, by Finlayson Family Wines
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Wine Region: Stellenbosch, Stanford, and Tulbach
Country: South Africa


Quality: 15/20
Value: 3/5
Ponce Factor: Moderate
Occasion: Any steamy summer’s eve, where your date refuses to drink white.

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Like an episode of gummy bears; there were some berry notes and forest floor hints, a rather simple plot with no more than three nodes of interest, and the whole thing was over in 30 minutes.
TN: Feint hint of eucalyptus over red cherry fruit. Nose not hugely open (which one would hope for in a PN), but there were some savoury mineral and red licorice notes, filled out with subtle slow-attack rocket-like herbal pepper notes on the tail; you know, to keep the audience entertained right to the end.

The Finlaysons… leather bound books and rich mahogany

While the Edgebaston range from Finlayson Family Wines may appear simple in appearance, and moderate in price, they invariably punch above their price bracket and carry a hefty napsack of pure pedigree. “I’m not sure if you know this, but they’re kind of a big deal around here.”

Dr Maurice Finlayson came over from Scotland and founded the Stellenbosch estate of Hartenberg. His son Walter started his career there, but then moved on to Blaauwklippen, where he was twice named “South African Winemaker of the year”.
Walter decided that he hadn’t done quite enough to stamp his name on the industry, so he went a step further and founded Glen Carlou in Simondium.
You’d have to get up very early to drink your way through this family’s contribution to the South African wine scene.

Best set that alarm clock then.


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