Flagstone Fiona Pinot Noir 2008


Price: R120 (for 2013 vintage, as of August 2017)
Winery: Flagstone
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Wine Region: Elgin
Country: South Africa


Quality: 16/20
Value: 3/5
Ponce Factor: Well, high, but going PN is a kinda poncy in itself, so it’s cheating (a little).
Occasion: When your cooking is boring and you need the wine to do the work.

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This wine holds more herbal references than a Bob Marley album.
Vanguard aromas carry eucalyptus, oreganum, and fennel, all of which vie for the slot of opening act.
Colour is very much in tact, showing a rather formidable cherry red for a PN. Only the slightest hint of bricking on the rim.
As the colour suggests, palate boasts juicy red cherry fruit cleaner than a Cliff Richard Christmas single, with gloriously focused acidity through the core.
Finish is superbly silky with lovely fynbos flourishes on the tail.

Bob Marley, Cliff Richard & the Birth of Zimbabwe

In 1980, almost 40 years ago, Zimbabwe was awarded her hard-fought independence.
To celebrate this moment, Bob Marley hopped onto a Boeing-707 with a full band, 21 tonnes of equipment, and a 35000-watt PA – all at his own expense – in order to be there to celebrate the moment.
Funnily enough, despite being the height of his career, and arguably one of the biggest artists in popular culture, the only hotel vacancies he could find were in the dilapidated Skyline Hotel. Ironically, this due to the fact that a flood of international journalists, who had arrived in Harare to cover the event, had already booked up all the premium accommodation that the small city could offer.
Bob was unphased and apparently spent a few days sampling marijuana with the local farmers, and playing, not one, but two free shows.
Not even a decent dose of teargas from some antsy riot police seemed to dampen his mood. Though arguably this may have been because he was unable to see through his own little smoke cloud onstage.
But while Bob Marley was certainly the voice of the people, it seems to be common knowledge that Bob Mugabe’s taste in music was a little more vanilla than his constituents. Sure, he hated the British Government, but he has no qualms with a bit of Brit-pop; most notably Sir Cliff of the Richard.
He had apparently made it very clear that he wanted Cliff to perform, and that he didn’t approve of Rastafarians, who were “drunk all the time; always getting high, and putting dreadlocks in their hair.”
Mercifully, this was one occasion where Uncle Robert didn’t get his way.

Cliff Richard was once voted by his peers as the classmate most likely to survive a teargas attack. Though I think we can safely put that result down to wishful thinking.Han, while drinking solo

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