Haskell Vineyards II 2011


Price: R180 (as of Feb 2017)
Winery: Haskell Vineyards
Varietal: Red Blend
Wine Region: Stellenbosch
Country: South Africa


Quality: 18/20
Value: 4/5
Ponce Factor: High
Occasion: Just you and a good (heavy) book.

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This wine drinks a little like Kurt Hammond playing Guitar Hero against Brian May; two monster master performers, both delivering spectacular-though-distinct performances. All going down in my lounge.
TN: Deep, ripe Shirazzy plums & voilet fretting up a storm next to dense Cabby cassis and explosive oaky vanilla.
The nose is bigger than Depardieu after a few rounds with Mike Tyson. Unparalleled!
Elegant black cherry acidity holds up the heavy palate, which in turn carries exquisitely dense lingering black fruit.
Only 11 barrels made. Get some.

“Einhorn is Finkel. Finkel is Einhorn.”

Haskell Vineyards is a tiny producer of exceptionally high quality (and high priced) wines. In the vintages currently available, there are TWO platters five-star wines (their Anvil Chardonnay and their Haskell IV Bordeaux Blend) and the “II” Shiraz-Cab reviewed here is no slouch, scoring a Platter 4.5-star rating.
But as is the case with small things that are awesome, you will be paying through the nose for them. If you don’t believe me, try booking Kylie Minogue for your birthday party.
But fear not cash-strapped-but-passionate-wine-explorer, there is some hope…

Dombeya is Haskell. Haskell is Dombeya.

Dombeya is the value wine range produced by Haskell, consisting of the Boulders Shiraz, the Fenix cellar-aged red blend, and a Dombeya Chardonnay, the latter two BOTH scoring Platters 4-star tags.
The delightful little fulcrum to this otherwise not altogether enthralling factoid is that the Dombeya range of wines slots nicely into that R100 – R150 range (as opposed to Haskell’s ballpark R300 – R450 range) while benefiting from the same platinum winemaking pedigree.
Now while you won’t find Haskellon any liquor store shelves (though you can order their wines here), you will find little gems like the Dombeya Fenix at most decent UltraLiquors or Liquor City stores. So if you’re looking to try something new without breaking the bank, the Dombeya range is not a bad place to start.


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