Jakob’s Vineyards BDX Blend 2008


Price: R135 (as of Jan 2017)
Winery: Jakob’s Vineyards
Varietal: Bordeaux Blend
Wine Region: Walker Bay
Country: South Africa


Quality: 14/20
Value: 2/5
Ponce Factor: Moderate
Occasion: When your date is pregnant.

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As is the case with Adrien Brody, this wine’s nose is probably its most outstanding feature. Lovely deep rich notes of cassis, black plums, pencil shavings, eucalyptus & an ever so subtle hint of black olive.

Considering the cooler Walker Bay climate, one should not be surprised by the restrained nature of the beast, but it is surprising to note how moderate the acidity is. I expected more.

The finish does however carry lovely oaky retro-aromas, well-integrated tannins, and encore from the lovely eucalyptus notes one experiences upfront.

Breaking it down

Blend components:
60% Cabernet Sauvignon
30% Cabernet Franc
10% Merlot

In cooler climates, viticulturists will often plant Cabernet Franc alongside Cabernet Sauvignon as a sort of insurance policy. If a particularly cold vintage does not have the necessary Hutzpah tosee the Cab Sauv vines reach full ripeness, the faster ripening Cab Franc vines can come to the rescue. Cab Frac often contributes marvellously aromatic qualities to a BDX blend, which (perhaps) in some senses explains the almost cleft-palate-esquely open nose on this guy.

Finally, winemakers André and Yvonne de Lange apparently founded their business on the principles of passion, excellence, and simplicity. Ironically, I find this blend to be complex, but restrained. As for their passion, I’m sure that’s none of my business.


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