Jordan Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2015


Price: R150 (as of Mar 2017)
Winery: Jordan Estate
Varietal: Chardonnay
Wine Region: Stellenbosch
Country: South Africa


Quality: 17/20
Value: 4/5
Ponce Factor: Through the roof
Occasion: Anytime you’re on a date with a vegan

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Lusher than an MTV crib. The mouthfeel on this barrel-fermented chard is gloriously creamy and soft, with lees and wood weaving a cradle to carry the wonderfully open aromas of pineapple fruit and butterscotch. For all the lushness going down, this wine certainly doesn’t lack the delightful yellow citrus required to keep it upright.
Tart grapefruit and ripe oranges linger on the caboose like Mac fans at a product launch.
If you’re looking to flash some bling (don’t be shy, Yeezy does it!), it doesn’t hurt that this wine carries a Platter’s 5-Star tag.

Vivino works like democracy prior to 2016

We’ve all seen democracy fail spectacularly in recent times. As it turns out, one can’t just give millions of people a ballpoint and a ballot, and expect it all to work out fine.

But the team at Vivino is trying to prove that us idiot-humans, when united in wine, can still come to “the right answer” about what makes a great wine, and where to find such wines. A great commission to be sure.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Vivino, it is an app that uses the notion that while your uncle Brian might be a complete idiot, if you got a few thousand Uncle Brians to review their favourite wines as they drink them, the aggregated wine scores for each wine would strongly correlate to the scores given by supreme wine experts like Jancis Robinson, Steven Tanzer and Robert Parker. There is science to prove it and everything.
If you still have no idea what I’m talking about, then just think of, but for wine instead of movies. With Vivino, however, you can choose to scan just one wine, or scan an entire wine list all at once.

While it probably won’t score you points as a smooth criminal to incessantly scan wine lists on every date, if will help you to discover which wines provide the best value. Or rather, if you’re at any restaurant in Cape Town, then you’ll at least know which wines are ravaging you more gently than the others.

Best chards under R200 – March 2017

What’s particularly handy about Vivino are the lists that it churns out, as compilations of user reviews in a particular geographical region.
Being a South African of moderate means, one of my favourite lists is the Best South African Wines under R200.

For easy access, I have extracted the South African chardonnays currently enjoying the favour of a thousand idiot Brians**

All of them retail for under R200:
1. Alvi’s Drift Reserve Chardonnay 2015 (4.2/5)
2. De Wetshof Limestone Hill Chardonnay 2016 (4.0/5)
3. Springfield Wild Yeast 2015 (4.0/5)
4. Jordan Estate Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2015

** App-listed scores may change as new reviews are added.

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