Lismore Chardonnay 2014


Price: R220 (as of Sep2016)
Winery: Lismore
Varietal: Chardonnay
Wine Region: Western Cape
Country: South Africa


Quality: 16/20
Value: 1/5
Ponce Factor: High
Occasion: Feminists’ Convention After Party

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A world class wine with a matching price tag

Sam O’Keefe is one of the few SA winemakers to have a wine listed in Robert Parker’s Top50 red wines worldwide (her 2014 Syrah), but it’s her white wines that impress more consistently. This chardonnay is no exception. Superbly clean kiwi fruit acidity, set against the ever so delicate hint of vanilla & delightfully lingering lemon rind finish, makes it obvious why the international demand for Lismore wines is so intense. The downside of all the acclaim, of course, is that it’s driven the price fairly high.

Samantha O’Keefe is Erin Brokovich

Lismore wines are pretty insane. But as it turns out, the reason for this is almost certainly because Lismore’s winemaker is kinda insane, too. I visited Sam O’Keefe on her farm in Greyton and listened to her tell her most-certainly-cinematic-gold tale of trial and treasure. Read the full article here.

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