Morgenhof Chenin Blanc 2014


Price: R115 (as of Feb 2017)
Winery: Morgenhof
Varietal: Chenin Blanc
Wine Region: Simonsberg, Stellenbosch
Country: South Africa


Quality: 15/20
Value: 3/5
Ponce Factor: Moderate (while the Chenin fad lasts)
Occasion: When you crave an Sauvignon Blanc, but the wine fashion police are watching you.

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Fresher than a pair Adidas NMDs. This crisp, elegant offering from Morgenhof is the perfect rehab for an SB-addict trying to kick the habit.
TN: Almonds, fresh pear, floral notes & vanilla on the vanguard.
Palate is dry, with some SB-like gooseberry notes, some vibrant grapefruit acidity & a lemon zest derriere.
The vanilla oak element on the bouquet re-emerges on the retro-olfactory notes, adding pleasant intrigue right through to the caboose.

Ridge, Stephanie, Eric & Massimo

Ridge Forrester! We all know him, right? Oldest son of vampire-esque Eric Forrester Snr. Everyone knows that.
Or do they? As it turns out, Ridge is not even a Forrester (gasp. I know, right!). Waaay back (when SA chenins were all sweet, and only good for hangovers), Stephanie revealed that Massimo Marone was actually Ridge’s father! The most shocking thing since the Chinese beat the Frenchies in a wine competition.

“If Chenin did father Sauvignon Blanc… it would make a Chenin / Cab Sauv blend an incestuous abomination… which is why you don’t find them very often. Outside of Utah.

Chenin Blanc is Eric Forrester

“What does all this have to do with Chenin?” you may ask.
Well, as per usual, it all comes down to shady paternity tests. While we all know that Chenin Blanc originated in the French Loire Valley, and we have all assumed that Chenin Blanc is the parent grape that produced the pretty, skinny, though unnecessarily sardonic Sauvignon Blanc, no one knows for sure!

I mean, sure there is some DNA here and there that points in Chenin’s direction, but hell, that stuff ain’t fool proof.

And something else to consider is that, if Chenin really did father Sauvignon Blanc, then that means the Chenin is the grandfather to Cabernet Sauvignon, which would make a Chenin / Cab Sauv blend something of an incestuous abomination… which is why you don’t find them very often. Outside of Utah.

John, Chenin, and Katherine – Timeless beauties. Long may they last.

Final Factoid

Eric Forrester is STILL being played by John McCook – 30 years and counting! Keeping him company is the other soap opera vampire, Katherine Kelly Lang (also into her 30th year on the show).
Stephanie is long gone (R.I.P)
Ronn Moss as Ridge is a thing of the past,
Macy; deceased (crushed by a falling chandelier)
Caroline; deceased (Leukemia)
Sheila Carter; deceased (or is she??!)

So while in public, you’re welcome to slate soapies, and snort with disdain… but when all is quiet, and it is just you a cheeky glass of chenin, raise a toast to that silver fox, and hope that you look that good in 100 years time.

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