Paul Wallace Black Dog Malbec 2013


Price: R155 (as of March 2017)
Winery: Paul Wallace Wine
Varietal: Malbec
Wine Region: Elgin
Country: South Africa


Quality: 18/20
Value: 4/5
Ponce Factor: Moderate
Occasion: When you’re on a date with an Argentine.

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How many times will this wine come up trumps in blind tastings before we stop dismissing South African Malbecs? For the second time in two years this beat out an argentine, a frenchie, and three other SA malbecs to end up top of the table.
Colour is an exquisite youthful deep purple.
Aromas boast explosive vanilla alongside sweet red berries.
On the palate, gorgeous red cherry fruit set against elegant acidity, couched in oaky vanilla on both the front and back end.
Another national treasure!

Playing it cool

Cool climate French Malbecs are on the decline. Warm-climate, high-grown Argentine Mendoza Malbecs are ruling the roost.
In light of this, it is interesting that life-long wine consultant, and (more recently) vineyard owner Paul Wallace is doing superb things with Malbec vines in Elgin, an area largely considered to be one of South Africa’s up-and-coming cool climate regions.
Like Wolverine, the Black Dog Malbec origin story changes a little, depending on who you ask, but one rendition describes a scene where the vines that today produce South Africa’s most elegant Malbec, may (or may not) have been planted by accident (having been mistaken for Cabernet Sauvignon vines). When the error was discovered, Paul took a gamble and decided to see things through to fruition. Fortunately the ending of this story was more Cusack-and-Beckinsale in Serendipity, and less Montague-and-Capulet in Verona.
Speaking of Cabernet Sauvignon, other Paul Wallace wines to look out for include his Bordeaux blend, The Crackerjack, his Braveheart Pinot Noir and The Little Flirt, the estate’s Sauvignon Blanc.


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