Gabriel Glas StandART Gift Box (2-piece)


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Wine glasses are like pizza bases. The thinner they get, the better everything tastes...But only up to a point. They still need to be strong enough to endure an evening of passionate dining and debate. Which is why the Gabriel Glas StandART stemware is the glass of choice for any premium HanDrinksSolo Event.
The Gabriel-Glas was designed by Swiss wine critic René Gabriel. He wanted produce a ‘One for All’ glass that would complement everything from Champagne to red wine, without compromising on a sense of specificity. The StandART glasses are the result of this carefully considered venture. They are machine-moulded, and come in at a weight of 145g per glass, filling that golden zone between lightness and fortitude. You won't get better value amongst the world's leading specialist wine glass brands.