Saronsberg Grenache 2012


Price: R130 (as of August 2016)
Winery: Saronsberg Estate
Varietal: Grenache Noir
Wine Region: Tulbach
Country: South Africa


Quality: 16/20
Value: 3/5
Ponce Factor: Moderate
Occasion: When you’re on a date with a Fruitarian.

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All the strengths of a great Grenache, with none of its weaknesses.
The colour is a vibrant ruby (notable for a variety that is so susceptible to oxidation), displaying Saronsberg’s characteristic impeccable clarity (most likely down to the fine sheet filtering).
The aromas are stunningly intense blueberry & plum, with rich black cherries on the palate. Fruity sweetness is balanced by spectacular acidity (rare to find a Grenache with acidity like this). The finish is all gentle tannins & white pepper spice.

Where wine bottles look like Christmas trees

Saronsberg Estate, in Tulbach, is one of South Africa’s most lauded estates.
Produced under the watchful eye of winemaker Dewald Heyns, Saronberg’s flagship Shirazes and Full Circle Blends are amongst South Africa’s most sought after wines.

While this Grenache, their Seismic Bordeaux Blend, and their Mourvedre may be quite delightful, none of them compare to the level of class experienced when drinking the Full Circle Blend, or the flagship Shiraz.
The estate also offers some of the best value you will find anywhere for wines at this level.
If you can’t make the drive out to Tulbach to see their beautiful cellar and art gallery, why not order a few cases off their website. You won’t be sorry.

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