Saronsberg Shiraz 2014


Price: R180 (as of Oct 2016)
Winery: Saronsberg
Varietal: Shiraz/Syrah
Wine Region: Tulbach
Country: South Africa


Quality: 18/20
Value: 5/5
Ponce Factor: High. You’ll need oxygen tanks
Occasion: Anytime. Anywhere.

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Like Schumacher at his peak, at some point you realize that each contest is a foregone conclusion.
 Vanguard aromas carrry exquisite notes of vanilla, violets, black fruit & ever so gentle cloves
The palate carries superbly concentrated red cherry acidity with more ripe black cherries and a marvelously weighted mouthfeel.
White pepper emerges pleasantly alongside the aforementioned cherry fruit on the tail. A tail which, incidentally, lingers longer than a bulldog in a butchery.

One reason to buy this wine over many others

This wine is one of South Africa’s most internationally decorated bottles. Vintage after vintage, the Saronsberg flagship Shiraz continues to garner accolades from international competitions like Concours Bruxelles Mondial, Decanters, and Syrah du Monde. And yet the bottle price barely touches R200.
Regularly blind-tasted numerous vintages against local shirazes retailing anywhere from R270 up to R500 per bottle, Saronsberg continues to outperform the other big guns in the local industry.
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