Springfield Estate Méthode Ancienne Cabernet Sauvignon 1997


Price: R700 (as of Jan 2017)
Winery: Springfield Estate
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Region: Robertson
Country: South Africa


Quality: 18/20
Value: 2/5
Ponce Factor: Poncier than an Eng.Lit. honours student wearing a monocle.
Occasion: Annual Wine Ponce Summit. Make sure everyone knows you were the one who brought it.

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The Lost Vintage! This wine is gem-like in both appearance and quality. Glowing red in the glass, with vanguard aromas of dry oak, potting soil, some pepper spice and origanum herbal notes.
The palate is pure silk in texture, with subtly subdued cherry fruit beneath a wave of slow attack pepper spice and a glorious explosion of dried violets and more oak on the retro. 
Tannins have all but melted away, leaving just the above mentioned hugely aromatic retro-olfactory elements. Superb.

Sharks, Helicopters & Mad Max Machines

The Brother-and-Sister team of Abri and Jeanette Bruwer form the winemaking version of adventurer Bear Grylls. Diving with sharks, searching for lost treasure, making emergency midnight helicopter rides to save vineyards from certain doom (yay verily in the nick of time)…wait, that not Bear Grylls; that’s airwolf-meets-Indiana-Jones. Either way, they make for scintillating company around the camp fire. Read my full interview with Jeanette here, where she discusses the adventures they underwent to bring the Lost Vintage to market.


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