Stellenbosch Wine Festival #SWF2018

The Stellenbosch Wine Festival 2018

23 – 25 February 2018

The Pick n Pay Stellenbosch Wine Festival is a little like a Pixar flick; there are more than enough high-brow references and double-entendres to keep serious winos nudge-nudging and wink-winking each other all day, while the kids are free to soak up the overall atmosphere of outdoors fun. And by “kids”, we don’t mean the abundance of irrationally optimistic Stellenbosch students milling about, but rather we mean that the SWF’s children’s tent is one of the most organised, creative and comprehensively supervised child-friendly facilities that we have encountered at any wine festival in the country (the facepainting station rivals even the most instagram-worthy Dia de Muertos efforts).
But back to the adult fun:
#SWF2018 has been divided into two access tiers: Premium and General.
The Premium Wine Experience will cost you R350 per ticket and the General admission costs R150 per ticket.
The Premium experience is more pimping than Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver and includes a cashless card with 30 preloaded wine tasting credits, a charcuterie board, a tasting glass, access to award-winning flagship Stellenbosch wines, seven cultivar-themed tables, and a chance to meet the winemakers. Honestly, if you’re there to taste wine, rather than just drink it, there is really no choice in the matter. You have to go premium.
The General Experience buys you a glass, 20 pre-loaded tastings on your Aramex cashless card, as well as the chance to meet gregarious locals from nearby educational institutions. So there’s that, too.
For more information, visit or follow SWF on twitter @stellwinefest.

Venue: Coetzenburg Stadium, Stellenbosch
Ticket prices: 
R150 – R350
For more info: