The Idiom Collection Rhone Blend 2010


Price: R250 (as of Aug 2017)
Winery: Bottega Family Wines
Varietal: Red Blend
Wine Region: Somerset West / Stellenbosch
Country: South Africa


Quality: 16/20
Value: 2/5
Ponce Factor: High. Or so you’ve been led to believe.
Occasion: For when you happen to be dating a billionaire by day, who is also a masked vigilante by night.

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It’s how I imagine Professor Snape’s conservatory to smell; Serious & smoky, with a healthy whiff of magic.
On the vanguard there is abundant sweet tobacco, smoky cedar, vanilla, violets & some blackberry fruit.
Palate is med-heavy, with concentrated fruit, red plum acidity & classic shirazzy cloves & spice making an appearance late in the day.
89% Shiraz / 10% Mourvèdre / 1% Viognier. Barrel-fermented in 60% new French oak 225-liter barrels.
Matured for 12 months in a 40/60 split of American and French oak

Whalehaven & Idiom. Verbal Kint & Keyser Söze.

When one looks at bottle labels, as they line the shelves in our favourite poncy wine store – or Ultra Liquors – we can’t help but make up our own narratives about the mystical vineyards from when our precious nectar hails. Were these grapes harvested by buxsome mermaids who have evolved to survive in landlocked valleys? Were they plucked beneath the silver light of a full moon, and trodden in golden wine presses by well-rested and cheerful unicorns. Almost certainly.
Whether any of this is true or not is mostly irrelevant, so long as no one knows better, and the label makes us feel like a million bucks.

Were these grapes harvested by buxsome mermaids who have evolved to survive in landlocked valleys? Almost Certainly.Han, while drinking solo

So, at the risk of destroying a beautiful albeit bizarre illusion, it may be worth noting that there is a stronger link between our much loved elegant and old-world-style Whalehaven Winery, and that of the delightfully serious and Italian-obsessed Idiom Collection wines.
The connection is that, not only are the grapes for both wine labels grown on the same De Capo vineyards, but those grapes are then shipped to the same winery all the way over in Hermanys, and vinified by the same winemaker.
Same farm. Same winemaker. Same cellar.
Also… Santa isn’t real.

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