The PicknPay Wine Club

The PicknPay Wine Club

For wine lovers who lack the time to be wine hunters

Time & Money

It may surprise you to learn that not all wine lovers are time-flush retirees with little better to do than wander the narrow aisles of tucked-away boutique stores, complete hand-written price tags and real dust on each bottle.
Heck, some of us can’t even find parking, let alone manage to scrounge together enough free minutes to actually go inside, where one is greeted by that monocle-wearing Smeagol look-a-like who is always trying to sell you everything you’ve never heard of, but never the one bottle you really want.
As folk who fall into the latter category more often than the former, it was a breath of fresh air to encounter the newly launched Pick n Pay Wine Club. was lucky enough to attend the club launch in Cape Town recently, and are pleased to report that this a club for folk who love saving money almost as much as they love spending it on wine.
Each month, the club publishes a list of ten new wines available to club members at a 20% discount.
What’s more, for club members who are also Smart Shoppers, each time you buy wine from Pick n Pay, it adds to your personal shopping insights, increasing the chances of further discounts on wine purchases through the Smart Shopper app. By the time they’re done with you, Pick n Pay are almost begging you to take their wine for free!

“This is a club for folk who love saving money almost as much as they love spending it on wine.”

Animal Farm for wine buyers

While we may have spent the first part of this post bashing quaint-but-comprehensive specialist stores, there is the undeniable fact that not all wine sections are equal. Or, if they are all equal, some wine aisles are definitely more equal than others.
We caught up with Nicole Arnold, Pick n Pay’s liquor specialist, to get the low down on where the biggest and broadest Pick n Pay wine sections are in stores around the country. Here’s her go-to list for stores with the most to offer time-conscious wine lovers on the prowl:


On Nicol
Dainfern Square


Hyper Durban North
Christian’s Village
Umhlanga Crescent
Shelly Beach

Eastern Cape:

Beacon Bay
Walker Drive
Hyper Moffet Park

Cape Town:

Garden Centre