Is Muscat of Alexandria the Only Truly African Grape

Heritage, Fight Club & Wine Explorers

Heritage day got me thinking about Fight Club, and the good honest simple indigenous folk of wherever. Also, it got me thinking about how exciting it would be if South African winemakers were all willing to be as daring as the team from @b_vintners and take up the mantle of “wine explorers”. Wouldn’t heritage day be all the richer for wine lovers if we saw more producers taking up the challenge of producing serious wines from grapes like #Nouvelle#Chenel (a challenge to be sure) and #roobernet. I, for one, am excited to see winemakers seeking out those grapes that have been developed here in South Africa; any one of which could become “the next pinotage”.
That said, there are a number of incredible winemakers who are *already* seeking to deliver a more authentic expression of the Pinotage variety through wines that forefront the varietal characteristics, rather than highlighting flavour notes produced by anything other than the fruit itself. If you’re wanting to explore what pinotage *really tastes like* why not track down some of these:
@b_vintners Liberté Pinotage 2017
@olifantsberg Pinotage 2017
@longridgewineestate Maandaans Pinotage 2017 (despite the presence of new wood)
@arendsigwines Inspirational Batch 8 Pinotage 2018
@bernhardbredell Scions of Sinai Féniks Pinotage 2017
@davidandnadia Topography Pinotage 2018
@jolandiefouche Pinotage 2018
@ashbourne_blanc_rose Pinotage 2017 (if you have R750 to spare)

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