The Almenkerk Syrah 2015: Experiments in the cellar

I love tasting a wine blind. It gives one an unaffected sort of #thinslice read on what’s in the glass. BUT, when I begin to hear the details about how that wine is made, my imagination goes into hyperdrive, and my levels of enjoyment are supercharged.
Even if I don’t quite understand the effect that a technique might have on the aromas and flavours in the glass, my appreciation for the winemaker and his or her strategy balloons, taking my enjoyment levels with it. Sure, it makes me want to drink more, but it also makes me want to *learn*. What dark magic is this?
Joris van Almenkerk, from Almenkerk in Elgin is a winemaker that does this to me every time I listen to him talk. Whether you just love drinking wine, or are a budding apprentice kneeling at the altar of alchemy, this estate is worth visiting. Orif you’re all urban and busy, just pick up a bottle of this Shiraz. Or their merlot. Or their Chardonnay. Or…or…or…
Find them. Drink them.