Almenkerk Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec Rosé 2018

HANSCORE: 17/25 

It’s a little like every time Hawkeye walks into the room at an Avengers pow-wow. Everyone knows he isn’t quite up to scratch. Like his biggest role is to keep the Avengers grounded. By being more human, and less god-like. I consider Almenkerk Estate, and Joris van Almenkerk, to be one of the most exciting institutions in South African wine. This Lace Rosé just reminds me that they are still mortal. It’s pleasant, but not spectacular.

👃🏼  Vanguard carries notes of strawberry, sourdough and chalk.

👄  Palate is a pleasantly creamy, with leesy texture filling out the mouthfeel. There is a hint of the strawberry promised on the nose, along with some cherry, and…is that… watermelon? No, wait. Now it’s gone. The acidity feels slightly unintegrated, and the finish is a little short.

🔬 Elgin Fruit. Cabernet sauvignon / Malbec blend.

💸💸 ZAR120.00 (as of December 2020)

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