What is the Han Drinks Solo Wine Club? – The Han Snyder Cut

I know, I know; promo videos should be short and snappy…but when you’re in as deep as I was, editing at 2am, sometimes one has to channel Zach himself, and bet on the world being ready for the full might of your creative nouse. So here it is.


HanDrinksSolo is South Africa’s most adventurous wine club. Each month subscribers receive a mixed case of 2, 4, or 6 bottles, packed with limited wines,¬†undiscovered gems, natural wines, and weird cultivars (without neglecting the classics). Each bottle also comes with a QR code linked to an educational video on that wine. The videos are packed full of wine trivia, wine science, and fun facts. You know, for those awkward silences at dinner parties. Everyone loves a know-it-all! Subscribe now and join the community! https://handrinkssolo.com/wine-club/