#194 Elgin Vintners Merlot 2019

00:00 – A bit about Elgin Vintners
00:54 – Elgin Merlot is a cultivar to watch
01:14 – A look at general Merlot flavour notes
02:11- What does the Elgin Vintners Merlot Smell like?
04:09 – The Elgin Vintners Merlot technical specifications
04:24 – All about the Elgin Vintners Winemaker – Dr Marinda Kruger Classens
05:16 – A summary, and some Elgin Merlots to hunt down
I have a growing conviction that Elgin may turn out to be the source of a disproportionately large number of South Africa’s finest Merlots. The growing list of concentrated, complex and structured examples extends beyond mere co-incidence. And really it makes complete sense. In order for a fairly quick ripening grape to find the time to develop genuine complexity, one requires a cooler region. Like the Right Bank of Bordeaux, or, say…Elgin. One adds to the fact that Elgin is a small but passionate community of quality-focussed producers, and diligent viticulturists, and your further bolster the chances of success.
In this video we deconstruct the various aromas groupings to be found in the aroma cloud of a great Merlot. We discuss winemaker Marinda Classen-Krugers’s abundant qualifications, and talk a little about some of the other world class Merlots from the valley.
👃🏼 Moody, and med+ Roasted plum, black cherry ,fresh leather, cocoa dust, sweet tobacco, oreganum, dried blackcurrant, raspberries and cedar wood.
👄 A serious contender. Big tannins, muscly fruit. Brawny beastie that defies what we believe about merlot. This is serious. Blackcurrant fruit and some fresher red cherry acidity combine to deliver a bracing expression of the grape. The tail end is packed with more juicy red fruit than blackcurrant, which leave the jowels in a tizz. Quite lovely.
🔬Wine of origin Elgin. 100% Merlot.
💰 ZAR230.00 (as of March 2022)
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