#227 Idiom Rosso di Stellenbosch 2018 (Sangiovese)


00:00 – Intro
00:39 – Some background on Idiom and De Cape Vineyards
01:30 – A bit about founder Alberto Bottega
02:57 – The history of Sangiovese in Stellenbosch…according to Alberto Bottega
03:40 – Cabernet Sauvignon and the Global Sangiovese diaspora
04:58 – How was the Idiom Rossi di Stellenbosch made?
05:37 – What does it taste like?

The bottega legacy

Idiom Wines are the product of De Capo Vineyards, on the very Southern end of the Helderberg, overlooking the town of Somerset West. The estate was founded by Italian Immigrant Alberto Bottega, and is still owned by the Bottega family, who are heavily involved in all things Italian in South Africa. The family also owns the Walker Bay-themed label of Whalehaven Wines (even though the Whalehaven wines are all fermented in the same cellar as the Idiom Wines), as well as the Italian Wine Import Company, Vinotria.
In case it wasn’t obvious, their estate bottles a number of Italian cultivars (Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Pinot Grigio, Primitivo & Barbera), while also putting that Southern Helderberg terroir to good use, and producing some very highly acclaimed red Bordeaux-style blends.
The Rosso di Stellenbosch started out as a red blend of mostly Sangiovese, with just a splash of Barbera. But over time, the wine has morphed into a 100% Sangiovese cultivar wine. It is somewhat less serious than their reserve Sangiovese, and their 900 Series Nebbiolo, but is impeccably put together, and provides extraordinary value.
For those of you who have yet to sign up for your HanDrinksSolo Wine Subscription, you’ll just have to settle for my tasting notes.

Tasting Notes

👃🏼 A pleasant nose of cherry lifesaver candy, tilled earth, herbal sage elements, sherbet and dried flowers.
👄 Med-light mouthfeel with a fresh mix of juicy cherry and sweeter strawberry fruit. The sweeter strawberry fades first, as the pristine red cherry acidity takes over, reaching a fascinating sort of cherry-flavoured Sour Patch Kid Candy finish.

Technical Notes

🔬Fruit is sourced from a number of moderate-to-high lying vineyards around Stellenbosch. Fruit is de-stemmed and crushed before being inoculated with a specific yeast strain, designed to boost the fruit profile. Hence the ridiculously clean, precise red berry elements on show.
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