#325 Carinus Polkadraai Syrah 2021

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Men who farm wine

We regularly bang on about South Africa’s distinct lack of a vigneron culture. Sure, we have rockstar winemakers coming out the wazoo, but we have only a handful of vignerons; men and women who are 50% viticulturist, 50% winemaker, and 100% visionary. These humanoids work the land, coax the vines, and train our favourite botanical beasts – not to bear grapes, but to bring forth wine! Amen.
We’ve made it our mission over the past few years to bring attention to these men and women wherever we find them, and the Carinus Polkadraai Syrah is just one more signpost that’ll lead you to some of these delightful creatures.
Of course, if you have yet to sign up for your Monthly HanDrinksSolo Wine Subscription then you won’t be able to taste this wine, and therefore you ALSO won’t be able to truly see what we’re on about.
BUT, at least you’ll be able to learn more about our heroes of the day; wine farmers, Danie and Hugo Carinus. You can also read my tasting notes and technical specs.


👃🏼 The vanguard is a savoury and brooding first play. Brimming with sage, black olives, and blackberries. There are also lighter touches of vanilla,
👄  The palate is just SO poised. A light silky entry of sweet red plum fruit, wrapped in some heady green rocket leaf spice and touches of red cherry candy. As the fruit fades, the tail end reveals some grippy stemmy tannins, and more gentle white pepper spice. The balance really is quite impressive. SOooo tidy.


🔬 Wine of Origin Stellenbosch. 100% Syrah. Wine made by winemaker Lukas Van Loggerenberg (Peace be upon him). The Carinus Syrah comes from a vineyard in the Polkadraai ward of Stellenbosch, which is Danie Carinus is to be trusted, is as ugly as sin. Luckily the wine is prettier than the vines.
The vineyard was planted in 1996 on very unromantic sandy soils, weathered down from Sandstone. The vines were grafted on Ramsey rootstock, which you’ll learn more about in the video.
Grapes were picked early in the morning and destemmed, with 25% of the stems added back to the ferment. The wine was pressed, racked, and matured for 10 mnths in old oak barrels.
| Appellation: Polkadraai Hills | Ph 3.7 | TA: 5.1 | Alc: 13.6% | RS: 2.1g/l |
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