The #winegeek Joys of Deconstructing Zinfandel

There academic merits of wine deconstruction.

Pinpointing what you like so much about a wine can be tricky. Especially if you’re not even aware where those flavours and textures come from in the first place.
The fascinating little two-bottle pairing of the @blaauwklippen red Zinfandel and white Zinfandel provide a rare opportunity to explore the differences between flavours derived from grape pulp, and flavours derived from grape skins.
Being able to isolate those elements, and learn from the flavours and textures that you experience, will not only help you to express your preferences more clearly when you’re next needing help in the wine aisle, but it will also give you newfound appreciation for all the dynamics at play when trying to make a wine that is a beautiful balance of texture, acidity, sweetness, and concentration.
It’s not often you get the same winemaker using the same cultivar to make both a red wine and a white wine. If you know of other examples of this (like @magnacartawines white merlot) pls drop me a comment below.
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