Six Drivers of Flavour in Wine

Please Find Me Some Vine Leaves.

This little sentence encapsulates all the elements that make a wine either irresistibly fascinating, or mortally mundane. Death by boredom. It’s a thing.
Turing fans will know that I don’t actually crave vine leaves, but have simply lined up six factors in an easy to remember fashion:
1. Place
2. Fruit
3. Maker
4. Saccharomyces Cerevisae
5. Vessels of Fermentation
6. Legacy
Any great wine will have stories to be told under at least two of these categories. And if they have no narrative, I’d bet my bottom bitcoin that the wine in the glass will be duller than an episode of Baywatch without the slow-mo.
With this in mind, I’ll be showcasing a few wines that I’ve discovered over the last two weeks, touching on a few reasons why you need to experience them for yourselves. 

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