What does it take to make a 5-star rosé?

More questions than answers

We are regularly told that when winemakers release a rosé, that “this is a serious wine”, and that it is the “ultimate expression of its terroir etc etc…” But it still feels like winemakers and viticulturalists choose their vineyard blocks for rosé based on what’s left over after they have chosen their optimum sites for the [more important] red wines.
But I’m sure I’m wrong…and would like to learn…so this is a plea to winemakers and viticulturalists to help me understand what one looks for when seeking to identify a block of vines with the potential to produce that elusive 5-star rosé. And how do these criteria differ from, say, a block chosen for a reserve red wine. Outside of just altering ripeness levels at harvest time. I’m looking forward to learning from your feedback!