#147 Black Oystercatcher White Pearl 2019

Tales from the End of the Earth
The Agulhas Wine Triangle is an enormously exciting little group of producers down on the Southernmost tip of Africa. While there is a fair share of variety amongst their cultivars planted there, the out and out heroes are the white cultivars of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon, and an exquisitely distinct expression of the red cultivar, Syrah.
🔬This little number is a supremely expressive Sauv/Semm blend, where the Sémillon is barrel-fermented and blended with classic tank-fermented Sauvignon Blanc.
👄 What makes Agulhas Triangle Sauv/Semms so exciting is their supremely distinctive salty, chalky textured wines with all the swagger of a balshy Bordeaux white, blended with the elegance of an aromatic, fresh, cool, coastal Sauvignon Blanc.
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