#154 Noble Hill Cruxes Mataro Nova 2021

This one’s for the chemists
👩🏼‍🔬🧪 A wine geek’s wine. Only 600 bottles are produced from these mourvedre bushvines planted in clay soils in the Simonsberg. The wine is fermented via carbonic maceration (until an ABV of about 4% is reached, and thereafter it is pressed off the skins, and native fermentation then continues until the wine is dry. It is bottled without any oak contact.
🗺 You may have noticed that this 100% Mourvedre bottling is labelled as Mataro…for no particular reason. It’s true that Mourvedre is called Mataro in Australia, but this is not the case anywhere else, and as far as I can see, there is no direct link between anyone within the Noble Hill Winemaking team, and the country of Australia. That said, Mourvedre hails from Spain, where there is a town called Mataro, and perhaps there is something in that. Although, ironically, even in Spain, Mourvedre is called Monastrell, not Mataro. But enough etymological musings. 
🍷Winemaker: Kristopher Tillery
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 by Ulli

So I didn’t read the bottle first! So what a surprise when it wasn’t red nor white when poured. I rushed back to the bottle after one sip to scan it. The taste is insanely pure and delightful. Now I know why.

Ulli! Thanks for taking time to leave a review. I'm so glad the surprise was a good one! Sometimes they can be a bit of a shock ;-)There were only 600 bottles made, but we're in the process of tracking down some more! Cheers!